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I stumbled across this political cartoon today:

So fucking stupid.

1. 99% of sexually active women have used birth control at some point in their lives. Having better access is not going to change women into irresponsible sex maniacs. Women who are in committed relationships will be just as committed with BC coverage. Women who enjoy multiple partners will go on enjoying multiple partners.

2. YOU CANNOT BLAME WOMEN FOR YOUR ACTIONS. STD’s are a risk of sex EVERY time you are with a new partner. Failing to protect yourself is your fucking problem. It is NOT the duty of women to keep themselves chaste and pure so you can fuck them at random without protection and fear of communicable diseases. This is slut-shaming and it puts all responsibility of safe sex on the shoulders of women. Not only are we supposed to make ourselves sexually available, we are to prevent accidental pregnancies and STD’s.

3. This cartoon illustrates the double standard that conservatives, misogynists, and other detractors of reproductive freedom hold. Men are free to fuck who they want, when they want. Women, however, are shamed and then blamed for being infected (by men) with STDs, and blamed for unplanned pregnancies. Men own the sexual market and dictate the rules, and women interested in their own sexual gratification are sluts and whores, whereas men who are the same are considered normal.

4. The indignant attitude of the cartoon man, and the careless and stupid look on the cartoon woman’s face illustrate how women are viewed by these misogynists as incapable of handling the responsibility of freedom. Not only is she going to fuck it up for herself, she’s going to fuck it up for everyone. This provides the basis needed to justify the use of government power to deny full reproductive freedom to women.




The Feminist Agenda

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Welp, it’s time to set my “feminist agenda” for today.

1. Accuse innocent men of raping me and then secretly gloat over my superior rights while dancing a victory jig in my rape-inducing-mini-skirt.

2. Have an abortion to send more babies to hell.

3. Have a satanic lesbian orgy.

4. Make guys ask me out and pay for dinner, because I have superior rights to them.

5. Separate children from their fathers….I mean, sperm donors, because families are just better off that way.

6. Go to work….or maybe not….I might be on my period or giving birth, so who knows?

7. Nag

8. More satan-worshipping

9. Avoid trading in my female privilege so men can reach equality. 

10. Expose my genitals to men on the bus. 

11. Force my son into a childhood marriage with a woman four times his age. 

12. Laugh heartlessly at men who say they’ve been raped by women, perpetuate the myth that women are sexually assaulted more often. 

13. Laugh heartlessly at men who are victims of domestic violence, because we feminists are cool with men being hurt, but never women. 

14. Mock men who decide to raise children rather than work. 

15. Try to twist every innocuous chant by college footballers and frat boys, that only kinda-sorta mention forcing girls to have sex with them, into evidence for a rape culture. 

16. Advocate for eugenics, mass murder, castration, and child abuse. 

17. Get a job, sue for sexual harassment, live off the misery of those whose lives I’ve destroyed. 

Busy,  busy day!

9th Annual XXX-mas, Dec. 2011. 



It is surprisingly difficult to find a sexy Virgin Mary costume already made. My friend, Sara, had to alter this one for me. I won a $5 gift card to a food truck in the costume contest and got laid in the sound booth. XXX-mas is the most magical time of the year!

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The WallPepper Project

I found these two little shiny green beetles copulating on a flower in a meadow in the Brenta, Dolomites, Italy, one summer evening of 2004. I couldn’t resist my voyeurism and put kneeled myself with a macro lens to capture love unfolding!

Insect Sex

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The Sandpiper

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“Man is essential to any concept of the universe. Without him the universe would be here but it wouldn’t be conceived. That’s the miracle of man. He can imagine the awe and terror of an infinite universe and still not be frightened by it, but facing the mystery of time, the implacability of death he can still laugh, work, create and love.” -Dr. Edward Hewitt from the movie “The Sandpiper.”

Our feta, who art in creamy heaven,
Havarti be thy name,
Thy Cheese Kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
On earth as it is in Cheeseland,
Give us this day, our daily gouda,
And forgive us our debts,
So we may buy more Dolcelatte,
And lead us not into the vegan aisle,
but deliver us from soy and rice based alternatives.


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When I began this blog, I had no idea where it would go. I only knew I was eager to be heard. I was hungry for a place where people like me were advocating critical thought, separation of church and state, equality among all people of the world, and accountability for religious and political oppressors whose thumb has been holding down the progression of humans for thousands of years. Through my blog and my page I have found a voice and have been delightfully surprised that I’m one voice among millions, screaming for a change.

To the page owners and admins, the blog authors, the meme makers, the cartoon writers/illustrators, the podcasters, the artists, the musicians, event planners, and the supporters who cheer us all on, I want to give my gratitude. THANK YOU!!!

When a newly awakened atheist opens their eyes and sees they are not alone, resources like this can prove invaluable. Through my own experience of defining my non-belief I have found a new world. I’ve met some amazing people who have enthralled me with their creativity. I’ve been exposed to ideas that challenged my own. I’ve learned so much.

These pages and their content are continually linking atheists, agnostics, anti-theists, skeptics, lovers of science and the irreverent, free thinking, Facebook users of the world to each other. Through shared humor, information, discussion, and blasphemy, online communities have been built.

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Keep it unholy, my friends!