Posted: September 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

So begins my journey with this spankin’ new blog. Unlike my many personal blahgs where I rant, bitch, lament, crack dumb jokes and write shitty poetry, this blog is driven by a different motivational force. (I’ll likely include those other things in this blog, but I’ll spare you the poetry!) I will be adding my skeptical voice to the other critical thinkers out there in the world.

I got the idea today while looking at the James Randi Education Foundation website, I was looking around in the scholarship section, trying to get free money, and read that I’d actually have to do something to promote critical thinking to qualify for the money. I don’t think linking articles on my facebook and twitter accounts is really enough to wow anyone but myself, so I’m trying to start up this blog to give myself some ideas and motivation to really get out there and advocate reflective thought.

In the event that anyone actually reads this, I’ll give some background information about myself. Feel free to use any of it against me as I am a completely anonomous internet stranger with no feelings.

My name is Melissa, you can call me Meh, or Mel. As my blog title suggests I am both horny (in the sexy sense, not the head growth sense), and an infidel (without any negative connotation). I’m working on my bachelor’s degree in Biology and hope to go on to earn a PhD in Ecology and/or Evolutionary Biology. I’d like to do field research and maybe become famous.

I’m a Baptist-rasied Atheist, and also what you could call a “born again” Atheist. What I mean is that I’ve been an Atheist for a number of years, but have recently begun to explore what it means to be a non-believer. I will likely discuss Atheism often in this blog because I’m just so darned excited about it.

Another topic I just love to bring up is politics. I’m an unaffiliated voter who likes to “throw her vote away” on those 3rd party what’s-their-faces. I believe in freedom, and I haven’t lost hope for America. I’m not that into blind patriotism, but I’m not moving to another country any time soon either. So I strive to keep my rights, and fight for the freedoms my fellow Americans and I don’t have or are under threat of losing. This place has its flaws, but I consider myself damn lucky to live here.

I have a bit of an environmental bias. I may seem to get down on my species from time to time. I’m one of those people who secretly root for the animal when a captive one flips out. I do feel bad when human life is lost. I know what it is to lose people in your life, so I empathize greatly with families of victims (of anything). Thus, my greatest environmental concern is for humanity.

This is why I believe in population control happening proactively instead of retroactively.  I’m a proponent of birth control and a woman’s right to control her body. There are many women worldwide who don’t have reproductive freedoms, or don’t have the necessary medical access to them (in America too!). I will probably be writing on that subject a lot, and linking many articles for this cause.

I can’t tell the future, so I don’t know exactly where this idea/blog will lead. I hope the road is awesome, and I hope something comes out of it. Mostly I hope that I can move critical thinking forward in my community. I have many outlets, such as school and my rockin’ social life, and also my little computer. If you like what I have to say, please speak up! I’d love to connect with like-minded people to make all of our ideas bigger and better. If you hate what I say, I’d also love to hear from you. You’re free to call me names and whatever, but you’d be cooler if you can make good, sound arguments for me to test my beliefs against.

Good night!


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