Mabus the Infamous

Posted: October 3, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I never know how to feel when I’m skimming through comments sections of articles and see that David/Dennis Mabus/Markuze has posted and reposted some crazy babble about lightning striking a relgious statue being proof that his god is pissed at atheism or whatever. I usually laugh. Sometimes I’m annoyed. Sometimes I feel pity for him. I am always fascinated.

I don’t know what his actual level of mental illness is. Most people on these forums would agree he’s batshit. Now he’s been exposed and we finally have a face to go with the psychotic jabber. Now I am more intrigued than ever.

I want to know what mental illness he is actually afflicted with. I want to know who his parents are. Does he have real life friends? What does he do for a living? What is his favorite tv show?

Most importantly, does he actually believe his bullshit? Would his belief and supposed mental derangement ever become a danger to someone? In Pharyngula’s story he ran like a coward back to the safety of internet anonymity. So I hope the little creep is harmless, he probably is. I tend to make up wild scenarios in my head, and one that went through my mind was Mabus running away after planting some crazy bomb. (Hey, I never claimed that I was sane!) That’s too crazy, even for Mabus, right?


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