Choice for any case.

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

I came across an interesting link today that is worth a read. It details a study done on young people’s views of abortion. The study shows that more than half of people under 30 support the right to choose and would be more likely to vote for pro-choice candidates.

Some things I found interesting about the study:
-People contacted by landlines were mostly anti-choice
-a higher percentage of people chose the option of abortion being legal in “most cases”

The latter got me thinking. I have had discussions about choice with many people. I repeatedly hear this phrase: “I think it should be legal but I don’t think it should be used all the time, like as birth control,” being uttered in many of these discussions.

In these discussions I always point out that the reasons for a woman having an abortion is NOBODY’S BUSINESS. The number of abortions a woman has is NOBODY’S BUSINESS. The whole point of the debate is that a woman’s body is hers to control, not yours, not anti-choicers, not the government, NOBODY’S.

So for those of us who understand this point, let us try to promote the fact that our bodies are our’s to control and nobody else’s. Next time someone wants to sit on the fence and use the cop-out, “in most cases” argument, tell them they’re wrong. Keep abortion safe and legal for ALL CASES.

  1. Andrew says:

    I feel that I am very pro-choice and have liberal views (not be confused with being a Democrat) and I feel that abortion is a womans right in every case but I have a funny feeling about genetic testing and abortion. In no way would I make it illegal but if a test is done that shows a fetus has down syndrome I get a funny feeling about the choice to abort. I guess that is the definition of choice, even if I wouldn’t make the choice other people have the right to do so. I just hope we don’t come up with a genetic test for homosexuality. Although it would be nice if science could prove the idea that homosexuality is not a choice. I would feel very conflicted if people chose not to have homosexual children based on a scientific genetic test.

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