Seasonal Frustrations

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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What do I hate most about the Christmas season? Hmmm….where to start…

It could be overly crowded shopping centers. That stupid feeling of guilt for not wanting to participate in family celebrations, is another reason. The music is horrible (if I hear “Santa Baby” one more time I might kill someone). The commercials on tv get worse and worse every year. Bah Humbug, yes I’m a Grinch…how many other stupid Christmas villan clichés can you come up with?

Those things are all frustrations I deal with yearly, but they’re not the worst.

The worst offender is this supposed “War on Christmas.” Lover’s of magic and fairy tales get riled up over not being able to display their religious decorations on publicly funded property. There’s always some obnoxious rumor about school children being deprived of Christmas celebrations and having to use “winter” or “holiday” instead of the dreaded “C-word.” You can’t turn on the news without some talking head moaning about it.

It annoys me to no end. First of all, I don’t care if you celebrate Christmas, X-mas, Christmaka, Chanukah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa or what. All of your holidays are equally annoying to me. However, Christmas is the one that is constantly being pushed in my face from Halloween until after the New Year. It really isn’t even the religious aspect wrapped up in pagan symbolism, or the imaginary fat guy that’s being used to manipulate children that annoys me. It’s just that it is a very long 2 months where I have to see and hear about Christmas this, Christmas that, holiday-shopping-stocking-stuffing-K-mart-shopper-trampling-jesus-is-the-reason-jingle-bell-bullshit.

Yes, these are my personal grievances. In the end I just deal with it as most people do. I don’t want to tell people what they can do, or what they can believe or celebrate. Go tell people “Merry Christmas” until you’re blue in the face. I just don’t want taxpayer money to support it. Seriously though, stop acting like a little bit of resistance towards your stupid holiday decorations are somehow a “war” or a personal attack.

So now here’s a video:

I wanted to comment on some of the things Bill Donohue said, whether what he said was in or out of context, it was very disturbing to me.

First he says that the Atheists have a message of hate. What message of hate? Seriously?!? Where is the Atheist message of hate? Is it hateful because the sign denied that there was any factual proof of a virgin birth? Is it hateful to criticize what catholics believe in? I would argue that the Catholic church has always been a hateful institution that incites people to hate gays, jews, atheists, and other “sinners.” Questioning the reality of Jesus’ birth isn’t hateful, it’s healthy. It should be as normal as any random holiday decoration or commercial. The supposed “controversy” is baloney.

Second thing ol’ Bill Donohue says is that the Atheist billboard was a “challenge.” How powerful can the Christian God be if one little billboard is a threat? Do you really need to spend $18K to erect an answer to the “hateful atheist message?” It seems if you are a religion of peace and love you would spend that money on something that would benefit the community. How about some outreach? How about buying Christmas presents and dinners for families who can’t afford it?

Same goes for the Atheists. $20K is a large amount of money that could do some good in the community. However, and yes this is probably biased, I am more willing to give them a pass. The reason for this is that a lot of people are still “closeted” about being Atheists. A lot of people still don’t know that there are other good and decent people out there who don’t believe. There is no opulent and ornate church for like-minded non-believers to gather. We have organizations like American Atheists, and unfortunately these organizations do need some advertising.

So really, one little billboard is nothing compared to the giant crosses and steeples of Christian churches across America. It’s not hateful, no one is trying to start a fight. Why isn’t it just ok for us to stand up and proudly say, “we are Atheists, and we are here?”


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