Sugar For Cancer

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The mother of the 3-year-old in this video worries me. I hope that child never becomes seriously ill. It saddens me to think of a parent losing their child because they refused to seriously consider the criticism of their woo. The woman actually said that the doctor who studies alternative medicine should look at both sides of the issue before criticising it. I hope she felt like a dumbass when this show aired.

When it comes to medicine, curing life-threatening disease and illness, and vaccinations, shouldn’t we be serious about what we do? Shouldn’t we have the best available science and technology, that same science and technology that has allowed our species to thrive and live into and past our 80’s? Is it really acceptable to rely on remedies sold by people who can only explain that the way the stuff works is a “mystery”?

 I can’t imagine people falling for this, but they do. Sadly, science is the enemy to those duped by alternative medicine. Doctors and pharmaceutical companies are big business and that supposedly makes them evil money-grubbers who don’t want you to know that the cure is simply…a sugar pill?

Or memory holding water?

Which brings me to the last point I wanted to make. Homeopathy is based on some bullshit about water memory. The claim is that you can dilute something in water over and over again, and as long as you shake it up a lot the water will maintain an imprint of the substance. This is what homeopaths believe and sell. Totally unsupported bullshit pseudoscience.

One only needs a basic understanding of chemistry to know this is bunk. Everything is composed of molecules which are composed of atoms. If you have millions and millions of one type of molecule and barely any of another, no amount of shaking is ever going to change that. You are not going to get water to remember a substance. It is either a solution of water and active ingrident or it’s not. Claiming that science hasn’t caught up to your mystery cures yet is a cop-out and totally fucking backwards.

 It has been proven that water memory is a fantasy.Despite this, homeopathic remedies are still selling. People are forgoing conventional medicine for the alternatives. People are being convinced by a mystery placebo over proven science. Understanding the draw to this is easy, but understanding why, even in the face of facts and evidence, people stay on the alternative course is over my head.

At least there’s people trying to do something to raise awareness about this:


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