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Wow, it been since February since I’ve done any postings here. School has kept me busy and I’ve also just had a general lack of motivation to actually sit down and write something. I’ve been meaning to tackle the Evolution Handbook and I’m still planning on doing a blog series on that. I’ve been finding it extremely difficult to actually sit and read an arrogant and ignorant Christian publication. 

I’ve also found it easier to update my Facebook page. It’s been fun finding random, funny, and blasphemous pictures to share as well as a chance to share links without annoying the crap out of my regular facebook friends who don’t want to hear my opinion on things.

In other news I’ve joined up with the Auraria Campus Atheists recently. It’s been fun getting to know a new group of people who aim to promote critical thinking, science and atheism. Also, awesome news: I’m the new treasurer! We’re all MSCD students currently, and would love to have CCD and UCD students (and other Metro students of course) to get involved. If you’re interested please click the link to the facebook group above.

The last thing I wanted to talk about is some new ground gained expressing my non-belief to my family. My Grandpa (Mom’s side) and I have been having a pretty interesting  back and forth via email about Obama, Muslims, and the importance of the separation of church and state. Grandpa is pretty hardcore about being a Christian and a Republican. I get the most asinine emails forwarded to me in his attempt to alarm me to the dangers of Democrats and Muslims.

For years I let these emails simply be deleted after a chuckle or sigh of disgust. I can only get so many emails about how the president is a Muslim/foreigner/terrorist before I go crazy and scour every last reputable source I could find to prove to Grandpa otherwise. He’d send me an email, I’d send him 2 or 3 links debunking his claims. This went on for some time.

Recently, he finally put away his stash of misinformation, and actually started writing his emails out. I thought it was a great step because now we’re actually engaged in a conversation. He’s currently trying to explain to me how the Muslims are taking over and trying to make it so I have to walk three steps behind my husband in a full burqa. I’m trying to explain to him that if he has these fears, it would serve him best to advocate for a clear separation of church and state rather than spread fear and generalizations about a whole group of people.

It’s going well, I think. If anything I’m being real with him for the first time ever. I’m going to share the last email I sent him instead of explaining it. I had a moment of fear hours after I hit the send button that I’m antagonizing the old man. I may be, but I’m really just excited that I’m finally showing this side of myself to my family.

The email:

This article made me think of you. http://reason.com/archives/2011/03/29/theocracy-in-america

This can partly explain why I don’t see Muslims as the same kind of threat you do. Aside from the extremely small percentage of American Muslims and the fact that those who would follow every word of the Koran represent an even smaller percentage of that population…I see the bigger and more immediate threat to my freedom as Fundamentalist Christianity. The numbers of this population are far greater in America and the bombardment of their ideals are almost constant. This effects science education, reproductive freedoms, freedom to marry, freedom to hold a military job, environmental issues and more. Imposing moral law that is based merely on belief and nothing that can rationally be explained and backed up by evidence is wrong. It blurs the lines between church and state and has for a long time oppressed a good deal of our people.

Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Mormonism, etc. and government are all dangerous to freedom. My philosophy is to keep them separate, keep government small, and to always have a healthy fear of those claiming extraordinary authority.

 Your Dear Granddaughter Melissa

I haven’t received a response yet. If it’s a good one I might just throw it up here.


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