I don’t celebrate this holiday. I have no children to feed candy or hide eggs from. I have no desire to go to a ridiculously long sermon in an unusually packed church. To me this is the mother of all non-holidays.

It’s usually pretty easy to ignore Easter. So why this year is any different, I don’t know. Perhaps my senses are tuned differently after all I’ve thought about, read about, wrote about etc. this year. Whatever it is, I feel compelled to say something about it today.

Eostre: the goddess of dawn and spring

Eostre: the goddess of dawn and spring

Above is a picture I found of a 13th century Germanic goddess. Notice the bunny and colored eggs. Notice the glaring absence of the goddess in Easter traditions today.

It’s so typical of Christianity to take over, wipe out traditions and deities, and replace it with Zombie Jesus or Baby Jesus. What kind of sick motherfuckers would take a hot chick, who beckons you to celebrate with symbols of fertility, and replaces it with the crucifixion/resurrection story? Of course, for some reason, the bunny and eggs got to stay, but the goddess is lost in obscurity.

Now for an infuriating Faux News clip:

As equally stupid and annoying as the dark-haired lady is, at least she called that uppity blonde cunt out on how she wants to censor Lady Gaga.

To all people of all religious faiths, who feel that the “moral structure” of society is breaking down because their religion is being criticised: FUCK YOU. No one should have to tippy-toe around anyone else’s stupid ideas to make them happy. No one should miss an amazing marketing opportunity to appease Fox News cuntfaces. 

If the “War on Easter” means pissing these people off more….then sign me up. After all, it is probably more entertaining than hunting for “spring spheres” or pretending that some Zombie Savior rose to heaven today.

Edit: Possibly the most legitimate reason to join the war on Easter….my favorite place to get cheap & tasty breakfast burritos is closed. Fuck you Zombie Jeebus!!!!

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