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Posted: June 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

I work in a lab, so part of my job is being completely bored out of my skull with tedious tasks. I’ve discovered a few podcasts that help the days go by a bit more quickly. I thought I’d compile a list to share with my readers. This may make the cold nights in between my sparse blog posts a little bit warmer. 😉

Also, if you have a favorite podcast that didn’t make my list please share! I’m always looking for more interesting stuff to listen to!

Reason Magazine is the first on my list. I love this magazine. This particular podcast is hosted by Outloud Opinion which is “a podcast production company specializing in political commentary and opinion” (from their website.) only adds about two of their articles per week to this podcast, and most of them are written by A. Barton Hinkle, a columnist at The Richmond Times-Dispatch (he’s awesome). As an added bonus, the woman reading the articles has a great voice, and a style that makes me feel like I’m listening to a newscast on the radio from about 80 years ago.

Next up is the Center For Inquiry’s podcast, titled Point of Inquiry. This podcast features a weekly interview that is between 30 minutes to an hour-long. Notable interviews include Adam Savage, James Randi, Christopher Hitchens, Tom Clark and many, many more. Great content, and really awesome and interesting viewpoints.

The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe is another one I’ve been enjoying a lot. This one features Dr. Steven Novella who is just an incredible person. He authors and contributes to many blogs including Science Based Medicine. He’s also an academic neurologist. Dr. Novella is joined in this weekly podcast by Robert Novella, Rebecca Watson (founder of Skepchick), Evan Bernstein, and Jay Novella. Their podcast is broken up into fun segments such as “This Day in Skepticism”, and “Science or Fiction” where the hosts choose from three stories which of the two are true and which one is fiction. They usually have interesting interviews and some hilarious antics thrown in as well.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation also has a podcast Freethought Radio, . The FFRF is an important group to those who understand the importance of Church-State Separation. This podcast is hosted by Dan Barker (author, musician, and ex-minister) and his wife Annie Laurie Gaylor. They are co-presidents of the FFRF and they’re really cute in a way that reminds me of the Will Ferrel/Ana Gasteyer SNL sketch, “The Culps”.

"It's a 'No Moosh Pit Zone'. "

Freethought Radio combines news on Church-State issues (including how the FFRF is combatting the religious right’s constant bombardment on our constitutional freedoms), with awesome interviews and music. The music isn’t always my favorite part, but Dan Barker is one talented pianist.

Last on my list is a podcast I just discovered today. I honestly wanted to stay at work so I could listen some more. I’m talking about Science Podcast . This is the podcast of Science “the world’s leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary” (from website). This weekly podcast covers some of the latest in science news and interviews researchers and experts on the topics covered. Great stuff!

That’s my list so far. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do. If you have another must-hear podcast, please comment and let me know!


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