Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

We are sheep with no shepherd
We are sheep with no straight and narrow
We are sheep with no meadow
We are sheep who take the dangerous pathway through
the mountain range
to get to the other side of our soul.
We are the black sheep of the family
called Black Sheep folk.
We always speak our mind
appreciate differences in culture
believe in sexual preferences
believe in no racism
no sexism
no religionism
and we fight for what we believe but
usually we’re pagans.
There’s always one in every family.
Even when we’re surrounded by bodies
we’re always alone.
You’re born alone
and you die alone —
written by a black sheep.
You can’t take it with you —
written by a former black sheep.

-Karen Finley “The Black Sheep”

This is part of one of my favorite poems by Karen Finley. I’ve been thinking about it all day, so I thought I’d share.


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