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One of my Facebook friends shared this link with me today. http://onemansblog.com/2011/08/06/christians-openly-advocate-killing-athiests-on-fox-news-facebook-page/

I’m sure many readers have heard this story already. The American Atheists are suing to remove a cross-shaped piece of wreckage from the 9/11 memorial being built. Fox News has discussed the story with their usual disdain for atheists. A link to the story on the Fox News Facebook page ended up getting some pretty hateful comments from christians, some advocating murder and rape of atheists. The overall message of the Fox News audience being “allow me to force my religion on you or die.”

Anyway, on the article linked above I commented with my $.02, it was a little long so I thought it blogworthy.

The thing that bothers me about this cross is that it was already on display at an appropriate location, a church. I have no problem with people seeing this cross as a symbol of hope, but I do have a problem with one single representation of faith and hope being funded by tax dollars. I pay my taxes, and if I do not, I am threatened with loss of my freedom. If I’m forced to give money to the government I absolutely do not want that money to fund religious symbols, faith-based initiatives, prayer events, etc.

Removing the cross and putting it back at the church it has been displayed in for years does not remove its hopeful message to those who find it comforting. It doesn’t take away the ability of christians or other religious groups to worship. Including the cross in the memorial, absent of all other representations of faith and non-faith, is nothing short of government endorsement of christianity. It excludes those families who lost their loved ones in this tragedy who don’t believe in the christian faith.

And really, when it comes to christianity, what is more important? Is it a personal relationship with Jesus, or a piece of wreckage? Does the christian god need a cross-shaped piece of building erected on the site of a devastating tragedy in order to bless the families who lost loved ones? Would Moses come down from Mount Sinai, see the christians going crazy over this cross, and throw down the tablets with the first set of rules written by the hand of god?

For a pro-active atheist it is a hard fight. There are so many fronts where theocracy is being pushed on us. Our government is supposed to represent the American people as a whole. For too long we’ve had laws and policies that represent morality based on nothing that is tangible. There is no good argument for keeping homosexuals oppressed, except for some verse in Leviticus. There is no reason why a perfectly qualified atheist couldn’t win an election except for the misconception that morality and goodness have to come from a supernatural force. There are perfectly legitimate arguments against having an abortion, but the faithful have taken it as their cause and lied, fed women misinformation, and threatened scared, stressed, and pregnant women with hell to achieve their ends. It’s hard to not feel like theocrats have this country by the balls. I’ve had enough!

I do not accept the supernatural. I do not accept government endorsement of supernatural symbols. I give my tax dollars to fund wars I don’t believe in, education systems that are failing (and getting worse because of christians trying to push their religion into science curriculum), government agencies that don’t need to exist, and a failing drug war. I refuse to sponsor, with my money, any religion. That’s a fight worth fighting to me. That fight doesn’t hurt this country, it makes it stronger. It makes religious freedom more free. It also, apparently, makes me worthy of rape and death. Onward christian soilders…bring the fight, I’m not going shut up and find something better to do with my time!

  1. Baja says:

    Your comment led me to this blog. Very well said and I thank you.

  2. Thanks for one’s marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will come back sometime soon. I want to encourage continue your great job, have a nice day!

  3. Sophia Grace says:

    I think it’s funny how there is often a representative from the majority claiming that the minority has ousted the majority for the minority’s interests.

    I have an idea! How about everyone minding their own [insert cuss words here] business and not asking the government to endorse any belief system?

    Sigh. Bigots exhaust me.

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