Ionic Foot Baths Are a Hoax….Oh Yeah, and There’s a Cure For Cancer.

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I was doing a little research on detoxifying foot baths when I came across this gem:

I was pretty pleased with the article, and their information on electrolysis seems to check out. Then I got to this portion:

Don't buy their scam, buy ours!

Really? You have the cure for cancer and AIDS and you’re selling it on the internet after you blab on about detoxifying foot baths?!?! A CURE FOR CANCER. AND AIDS. Selling it on the internet and just casually mention it IN THE MIDDLE OF A FUCKING ARTICLE THAT IS NOT ABOUT HOW YOU ARE THE AMAZING PERSON THAT ERADICATED THESE TERRIBLE ILLNESSES?!?!?!?!

Ok. So they didn’t say AIDS specifically, but even if it’s the common fucking cold AND cancer, that’s pretty damn cool. Who gives a shit about ionic foot baths? Cure some mother fucking cancer and soak in the glory of the knowledge that you have saved millions from suffering from CANCER AND THE SNIFFLES!

Would someone, who has a contraption that cures cancer, be famous, and so unbelievably rich that they wouldn’t have to pimp their device on some shitty website with pop-up ads?

Not if they’re full of shit too.


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