Arrogant and Close Minded

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Why is wanting evidence close minded? Here’s a little conversation I had with one of my page members today. She may still respond and I will edit this entry accordingly. Enjoy.

This is what our caring psychic, Tracci, charges to lie to us:

This is the website where you can find out all about Tracci and her psychic abilities:

I still have no idea how to contact this person for a free reading. I don’t know how long she has been following my page, or how much personal information I have given about myself since she’s followed my page, so I want to call her anonymously so as not to give her a “psychic” advantage. If she really has a gift, like she says, she could pick me out of any random phone call. Or maybe it “doesn’t work like that.”

I’ve had Tarot readings before. They say nothing of what is actually to come. Rather, they give general advice on things that might pop up. Much like horoscopes. Asinine bullshit. I’m incredibly annoyed.


Tracci has contacted me via email. She apologized for getting defensive. I apologized for being so snide. Then I called her a fraud again. I’m an asshole and I don’t think I’m going to get my free reading. Maybe I’ll post up our correspondence at some point. Is it wrong to publicly post private email correspondences? I can’t decide. I really don’t want to be such a bitch, but she’s making it a little easy.

She also keeps talking about “paths.” Following paths, being on paths, I’m a heathen so I’m on a pagan path. Such hippie nonsense is almost too unbearable. If she says “path” again, I might just say “fuck it” and share our correspondence. That’s a good justification, right? Haha. Whatever.

  1. Che Burns says:

    There are only two kinds of psychics- those that are purposely deceptive and those that are genuinely delusional.

  2. Christ Pettitt says:

    How did she find the time to reply -repeatedly- but couldn’t find the evidence to back herself up, when she admits that the “1000’s” of bids of evidence are openly available? That suggests to me that they’re also easy to find, and since she knows about them, why can she not reference them easily?

    I’ve caught myself doing that on occasion… Never after actually starting the debate, that I’m aware of. There really is no excuse for it other than a need to say something, instead of having something that needs to be said.

    • Mel says:

      Yeah, I kinda made a sarcastic comment about how she had been replying to me over the course of two hours even though she was soooo very busy. Typical. No one has a life until they are proven wrong over and over again on the internet. Then all of a sudden they are too busy to back up their lame arguments. 🙂

  3. Theo.C.Cuppier says:

    Too many people (not just these drippy hippy pricks) when faced with a paragraph of dialogue read the first half of the first sentence, pick out one word that inflates their anger and just run with it. Religious nutters and New age faith cobblers are the worst offenders. We as rational people have to face the fact that these people dont want to debate…… they want to rant about how wrong anyone who doesnt share their belief is. What a bunch of small minded fucknutz!

  4. John Roff says:

    It is fine to share emails, just black out the last names and email address.

    ALL psychic hotlines say – *for entertainment purposes only

  5. Danial says:

    I was just wondering if you guys have read much on how our government has done a lot of research in this field. The very fact that they would put anything into this area tells me that there is something to it. The Russians had done a lot of research on this also. I myself am not psychic, nor do I know anyone that is. Sure there are many who try to cash in on this, but that doesn’t mean anything. There are bad doctors, mechanics, lawyers, fry cooks at McDonald’s, politicians, ect…. Also there is a lot of research that has been done on the pineal gland. Have you checked into this area?

    • Christ says:

      If the research done suggests to you that there is something to it, then you must be a staunch religionist… (sarcasm) because there has been countless man-hours and denominations of money spent to research religion in all forms through the ages. See what I did there?

      =_= (Imagine the Frye meme “I see what you did there…”)

      Joking aside, sure, maybe there are a few “hidden powers” in the mind. It’s possible, I can buy that. We don’t know /everything/ about the psyche or the non-physical parts of ourselves, or even the physical parts, to be honest. I’m with the author, however, in that until someone can actually prove (scientifically, there is no other way), even to a “reasonable doubt” level, that paranormal “powers” or capabilities exist, there is no reason to suggest or believe that they do. Simply believing in something does not make it any more correct or true, just like disbelieving in something doesn’t make it less true. Evidence is truth. Lacking it, well, you know.

    • I was just wondering if you guys have read much on how our government has done a lot of research in this field. The very fact that they would put anything into this area tells me that there is something to it.

      Bad thinking. I’m not saying that to piss you off but “the government” spending valuable time and money on something does not mean that there is “something to it”.
      Here’s a mundane example:

      Government agencies and budgets are run by people. These people can collectively make gigantically stupid errors of judgement just like any lone individual can. Or they may investigate something and decide that “it’s crap” , yet the fact that they investigated it means “it’s not really crap” to some people.
      Heads-you win. Tails- you still win.

      Only the science matters. The evidence and the tests and the repeatable results.
      After over a hundred years, the results are in: Psi is complete bullshit.

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