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The Road

1. Atheists earn higher incomes. (10-15% higher, according to 1989 study)

2. Atheists stay married longer. (21% of Atheists have been divorced vs 29% for Christians) -Barna Research Group 1999

3. Atheists are less likely to end up in jail. (Atheists comprise 15% of US population, however, only 1% of US Prison population are non-believers.)

4. Atheists are more likely to climb to the top of academia. (97% of the National Academy of Science Members are atheists. The 3,200 members includes more than 200 Noble Laureate recipients)

5. Atheists are less likely to succumb to the lure of authoritarian regimes, that promise miraculous and divine sent decrees. You think Hitler could have convinced a nation of Secularists/Atheists that slaughtering Jews was a good way to spend a Sunday? But far easier to do so when working with devotees of the anti-Semite Martin Luther.

6. Atheists live longer and happier, according to a 2009 poll…

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  1. tyomero says:

    Too bad being atheist is not the cause for those benefits 😦

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