The Feminist Agenda

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Uncategorized

Welp, it’s time to set my “feminist agenda” for today.

1. Accuse innocent men of raping me and then secretly gloat over my superior rights while dancing a victory jig in my rape-inducing-mini-skirt.

2. Have an abortion to send more babies to hell.

3. Have a satanic lesbian orgy.

4. Make guys ask me out and pay for dinner, because I have superior rights to them.

5. Separate children from their fathers….I mean, sperm donors, because families are just better off that way.

6. Go to work….or maybe not….I might be on my period or giving birth, so who knows?

7. Nag

8. More satan-worshipping

9. Avoid trading in my female privilege so men can reach equality. 

10. Expose my genitals to men on the bus. 

11. Force my son into a childhood marriage with a woman four times his age. 

12. Laugh heartlessly at men who say they’ve been raped by women, perpetuate the myth that women are sexually assaulted more often. 

13. Laugh heartlessly at men who are victims of domestic violence, because we feminists are cool with men being hurt, but never women. 

14. Mock men who decide to raise children rather than work. 

15. Try to twist every innocuous chant by college footballers and frat boys, that only kinda-sorta mention forcing girls to have sex with them, into evidence for a rape culture. 

16. Advocate for eugenics, mass murder, castration, and child abuse. 

17. Get a job, sue for sexual harassment, live off the misery of those whose lives I’ve destroyed. 

Busy,  busy day!


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