About The Horny Heathen

My name is Melissa, some people call me Mel. I’m a student studying biology and chemistry. I’m an atheist. I’m a skeptic. I love freedom. This blog is an attempt to add my voice to the online community of skeptics, atheists and freedom lovers. I am also exploring what it means to be those things and why I believe what I believe.

Learning is a process so please feel free to add your voice to the discussion.

I’m also usually horny. Thus, the name of the blog. I wanted something that was somewhat blasphemous. The way I figure, you can’t get more profane than a godless woman who is in control of her own body and likes sex.

If you want to know anything else about me or the blog then read the blog. It’s full of my opinions on things. You can also email me at The.Horny.Heathen666@gmail.com or you can like my facebook page for more links and discussion.

  1. Benjamin says:

    I learned a lot about you here.

  2. I finished Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth – couldn’t put it down. Your evolution video seems to be a reading from the book (?). Good stuff.

    You are right about the Catholics doing serious crap. Since Roman times (or earlier), there has been the legal principle that the accusation is not part of the evidence (I served on 7 criminal juries in the last 25 years) – – – except when the church accuses you of heresy. Then the accusation is the evidence – – and the only way to prevent your own execution was to demonstrate your repentance by naming “co-conspirators”. Then you might get tortured a little and spend a few years in the dungeon, while all of your family’s property is confiscated to further the business of the inquisition. Fortunately, the church does not have this power at this time – – but watch your ass – – I’m sure they want it.

    • I am an evolutionary biologist. Whenever people start talking non-sense (those who don’t believe in evolution or those who do but don’t understand how it works), I always refer them to this book. It explains evolution to the laymen. I think it is a wonderful book and would put it in my top ten books to read.

  3. oldancestor says:

    Is it wrong that I was hoping you’d be a woman?

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